Training – Holiday Resort  „Relaks” is a perfect place for conferences, courses, trainings and integrations parties, organized all by yourself or with cooperation with our staff.

We organize courses and training mainly with accomodation, for customers from whole country. After finish we give out proper certificates. We will cooperate willingly in this regard. We can be organizer of this course as well as coorganizer. There is also possibility to hire lecturers given by a customer (by signing a proper contract). We will gladly see every form of cooperation.

Our training offer can be enriched by many accompanying social meetings/banquets, that take place in "Relaks" resort and in the region (according to agreements with organizer). 

Our advantages are:

  1. Good housing base with training hall, access to toilets and smaller halls for work in groups.
  2. Possibility of accomodation and food for participants in a place where courses and trainings take place. Pleasant staff, traditional kitchen that offers tasty and hearty meals.
  3. Trained technicians and personel, from Relaks resort, with many years of experience in fullfilling demands related with service on courses and conferences.
  4. Wide offer in term of tourist attractions and free time management. 



 Our housing base.

For training purposes we have to halls:                                                                       

- numer of places – as a theatre hall 70   (with tables 50) 

- numer of places – as a theatre hall 40   (with tables 25) 

Next to those halls there is small hall for around 15 people (for workshop classes). 

"Relaks" resort provides:

- free use of training halls
    (organizer can design training halls setup at their own).

free access to any audiovisual devices
  (projector, screen, TV, DVD)

- free WI-FI.

- free, large, guarded parking lot, with a place for two buses.

Please send us any questions you may have about presented offer on our email address or phone number:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

( 33) 855 3010 lub (33) 855 3962